Focus Post – June 8, 2020

Greetings, Peeps!

independents for Progressive Action (iPA) – Our Revolution is EVOLVING!

Many factors contribute to this evolution – not the least of which is our current health crisis. As those of you who have been around since the beginning know, we’ve gone through several evolutions:

*from our humble beginnings watching Bernie’s first live stream house party in my living room *to Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders! with a mission of electing Bernie in 2016 *to merging with Wilsonville for Bernie and becoming iPA with a mission of promoting alliances and direct action for the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental; and identifying, supporting, and providing education concerning progressive candidates, policies, and issues *to attempting to become a non-profit with a Board, bylaws, etc. *to our current evolution, back to our roots as a grassroots community organization, still committed to the values and goals of the Sanders Platform and maintain our Mission and Vision (below), but with a different structure.

What’s New?

This new structure greatly mirrors the original. Rather than a Board, we will be relying on volunteers to accomplish tasks as they come up and manage ongoing efforts such as The Progressive Film Series. If you are interested in any particular aspect, please email me (Lisa) at [email protected].Current asks:

  • Progressive Film Series (curation, hosting virtual showings)
  • Liaison to Our Revolution, national and state
  • Report backs from other Progressive organizations in Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Washington, Yamhill, and Multnomah counties (e.g. Our Revolution, DSA, M4A, Portland Metro People’s Coalition, Indivisible, other Bernie groups, etc.)
  • If folks are interested, someone to organize virtual meetings for business and/or social “gathering”
  • Original content for the website and page
  • Edit to add: PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS! If you have pics from any iPA, WFfBS!, or Wilsonville for Bernie event in the past 5 years, PLEASE send them to us via email ([email protected]) or post them in the comments. We need a more complete visual history!

This seems a great time to introduce Sherry Merideth, our new Communications Coordinator! Sherry was recruited by our own Clarity Sanderson, co-founder of iPA (WFfBS!) as she prepares to move on to new projects. We thank Clarity for her years of support and service and know she will maintain a presence as we move forward.

Thank you, Clarity! And welcome, Sherry!

I want to also thank all past Board members: Connie Harrigan Lee, Mike Gardner, Kris Duncan, Bryon Boyce, Judy Bartha, Glenda Douglass, Sarah Liles, Janet Afzelius, and John Kevin Hunt. True Servant Leaders, all!

What’s the Same?

Our commitment to the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental.The Progressive Film Series is still a cornerstone of our education efforts. COVID19 has thrown a wrench in the works as social distancing and efforts to flatten the curve take precedence. To that end, Sherry and I are working on virtual films. My top priority is featuring “Do Not Resist” in the very near future.

“Do Not Resist” is a documentary about the militarization of police – a very timely subject. If/when it becomes sensible to meet in person again, we can do so, if folks are interested.Return of the FOCUS POSTS. I’ve been a slacker and will make amends. My intent is to write at least twice monthly and include the posts in the blasts as well. Our email and Facebook lists have some overlap but some folks are only on one platform. We will still have our Facebook group, Facebook page, website, and weekly emails. My apologies for the lack of a Tuesday blast last week. I was working to develop a statement in support of #BlackLivesMatter.

I wrote down my own thoughts and collected whole or partial statements from others and basically overwhelmed myself with the importance of “the job.” Then yesterday I realized that bigger is not better in this situation. For our community of mostly engaged, basically woke, and certainly right-minded folks, I didn’t need to write a dissertation about the evils of racism.

To that end, I offer the following statement, which will serve as our public statement: independents for Progressive Action (iPA) – Our Revolution allies with #BlackLivesMatter. We stand in solidarity with the communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) against police brutality and racism – individual, collective, and institutional – and in support of dismantling structures of oppression through community action such as protests and meaningful policy reforms.

We support the exercise of our rights guaranteed in the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This stance aligns with our mission and commitment to Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice.
I want to let you know that I truly value this community and that we are valued as a resource in the areas we serve. Many times iPA as an organization, I or other more visible members have been approached by civic leaders, elected officials, candidates, and members of the community for our opinions and endorsements and for assistance.

We are viewed not only as a resource, but also as Progressive Servant Leaders. This is a tremendous testament to the worth of this group. I trust everyone will do their part to help iPA continue and to thrive!

Be well everyone and BERN BRIGHTLY 💙🔥💙Lisa Ortiz, Co-founder iPA

P.S. And now, that Mission and Vision I referenced previously:

iPA is an Our Revolution affiliate and a member of the Portland Metro People’s Coalition! Not me, US!

MISSION: We are Progressive Activists and Servant Leaders promoting alliances and direct action for the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental. We identify, support, and provide education concerning progressive candidates, policies, and issues.

VISION: We are the combined force of Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders!

Wilsonville for Bernie, reborn and renamed to reflect our new focus: To harness the momentum gained by Bernie’s historic presidential run.

To elect revolutionary and radical progressive candidates. To promote legislation that institutionalizes the people-benefiting ideals put forth by Bernie’s campaign. We are DemExit, DemEnter, DemOccupy, and Transpartisan. We are Millennials to the “Silent” generation and everyone in between.

Join us if you want to participate in systems change, structural reorganization, and direct action.

Remember: “Together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.” – Bernie Sanders