HIGHLIGHTING: iPA’s endorsed Candidate for Lake Oswego Mayor, Theresa Kohlhoff

Let’s talk about leadership – specifically Servant Leadership.
A Servant Leader is one who whose allegiance is to the People. They are not in it for themselves, the power, the influence, or the prestige.
A Servant Leader is Tenacious. They know that the job will be tough. They know what they were sent to do – and they are fierce in their pursuit of those initiatives which will benefit the people they serve.
A Servant Leader is Honest. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. They have integrity and demonstrate it through their words and deeds.
A Servant Leader is Ethical. Their word is their bond. They seek fairness and equity in all matters. They advocate for Justice – social, racial, economic, and environmental.
A Servant Leader is Resolute. They investigate matters fully, drawing on expertise and seeking wide council and then make independent decisions.
A Servant Leader is Experienced. They learn from all their varied life lessons and apply those learnings in novel situations. They use their experience to leverage positive outcomes for those whom they serve – the People.
A Servant Leader is Sincere. They are genuine and speak clearly and plainly to everyone. They don’t change their story depending on the audience. They hold true to their values.
A Servant Leader is Astute. They are wise and well-read. They use their experience and intelligence to inform their decision-making and listen more than they speak. They are thoughtful in their considerations.
In case you missed it, these attributes spell out the person most suited to serve the people of Lake Oswego as their Mayor.
I urge you to support Theresa M. Kohlhoff a true and Progressive Servant Leader.
Theresa Kohlhoff For Lake Oswego Mayor
Proudly endorsed by independents for Progressive Action (iPA – Our Revolution) and personally AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorsed by me, Lisa Ortiz, co-founder of iPA.
Sign up here and join me and other Progressive Servant Leaders for Theresa’s (virtual, of course!) kick off campaign event on June 28th!!!

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