Focus Post – July 27, 2020

Happy 5th Anniversary independents for Progressive Action (iPA) – Our Revolution!

This day in 2015, I bought a TV and crowded about 15 strangers into my tiny living room in LO for the first-ever Nationwide Bernie Sanders House Party. 

From that gathering, called LO for Bernie Sanders! I connected with Clarity Sanderson and soon changed the name to Clackamas County for Bernie Sanders! which begat West Linn and Surrounds for Bernie Sanders! which finally begat Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders!  All that over a period of about 3 months! 🙂  We operated under that name with debate watches, phone banking, sign waves, and more for about a year.  Then, after the disastrous 2016 Democratic National Convention where Neo-Libs got their way, Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders and our sister-group, Wilsonville for Bernie decided to merge under the new name, independents for Progressive Action – IPA (lower-case i!).  Within a few months, we became an official Our Revolution affiliate and have recently joined the Portland Metro People’s Coalition (PMPC).

Still standing strong. Still Berning. 

Please see our full Vision, Mission, and Public Statement below. iPA now focus on Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice, endorsing candidates, and hosting The Progressive Film Series. By the way: Happy 3rd Anniversary, Progressive Film Series. Please join us on my birthday, August 14th at 7pm for AWAKE, The Story of Standing Rock!  iPA’s current endorsements are: Bernie Sanders for POTUS, Theresa M. Kohlhoff for Mayor of Lake Oswego, Kenneth Humberston for Clackamas County Commissioner, Emma Burke for Lake Oswego City Council, and Massene Mboup for Lake Oswego City Council. We are in the process of completing the endorsement process on other candidates as well, so stay tuned!

I include this next bit in our history because without iPA, I would not have become a National Delegate pledged to Bernie Sanders.

4 years ago:
It was THIS night in 2016 your Oregon Delegation pledged to Bernie Sanders GLOWED when the cheating, colluding, gaslighting DNC turned the lights out on our delegation.
HA! Our Enough is Enough shirts, a truly hideous color, were glow in the dark!  That was definitely one of the highlights of the convention, along with rocking the pre-party by screaming “BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE!” at the top of our lungs for many many minutes; Bernie’s 6+ minute standing ovation; shouting down war-monger Panetta with “NO MORE WAR!” which was counter-chanted by “USA!” because, of course, that IS the opposite of no more war (idiots); the walkout, and defending our seats.
Yes, I hear you. “If those are the highlights, then it was a crappy party!” and indeed it was. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (other than Bernie being POTUS) though. It was a truly miserable honor.

The 2020 Democratic National Convention is virtual this time, thanks to Covid19 and the presumptive nominee is sadly once again, not Bernie. Our Oregon Bernie Delegation is small but mighty and includes 2016 veterans, Valdez Bravo, Lisa Stiller, Abby Collins, and Lawrence Taylor.

Travis Nelson, a 2016 Hillary Delegate and DPO DNC Rep, is a pledged Bernie Superdelegate this time around, although even with the mediocre DNC rule changes regarding superdelegates, we won’t likely wind up at a second ballot which means he won’t cast a ballot. There are also 12 Oregon newcomers to our delegation and we wish them all well in their efforts to help bring to the Democratic Party and the DNC the Progressive values of the Bernie campaign and Platform, focused on the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental.

Here is your whole Bernie Delegation for 2020: Valdez Bravo. Abby Collins, Lisa Stiller, Lawrence Taylor, Mark Gamba, Omar Sandoval, Ashley Pelton, Jonathan Tasini, Emily Gibson, K. Raina Whiting, Heather Bishop, Lurelle Robbins, Angelique Orman, Jodi Zeisel, Ira Erbs, Jim Cupples.

Good Luck Berners! Do good works and drag that donkey LEFT!

Be well and Bern Brightly!

Lisa Ortiz, iPA co-founder
“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.  Then I realized I was somebody.” ~ Lily Tomlin

About iPA:
iPA is an Our Revolution affiliate and a member of the Portland Metro People’s Coalition!

Not me, US!

We are Progressive Activists and Servant Leaders promoting alliances and direct action for the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental. We identify, support, and provide education concerning progressive candidates, policies, and issues.

We are the combined force of Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders! and Wilsonville for Bernie, reborn and renamed to reflect our new focus:
To harness the momentum gained by Bernie’s historic presidential run.

To elect revolutionary and radical progressive candidates.
To promote legislation which institutionalizes the people-benefiting ideals put forth by Bernie’s campaign.
We are DemExit, DemEnter, DemOccupy, and Transpartisan. We are Millennials to the “Silent” generation and everyone in between. Join us if you want to participate in systems change, structural reorganization, and direct action.Remember: “Together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.”
– Bernie Sanders

independents for Progressive Action (iPA) – Our Revolution allies with #BlackLivesMatter. We stand in solidarity with the communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) against police brutality and racism – individual, collective, and institutional – and in support of dismantling structures of oppression through community action such as protests and meaningful policy reforms.

We support the exercise of our rights guaranteed in the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
This stance aligns with our mission and commitment to Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice