Who We Are

Independents for Progressive Action (IPA) is a non-partisan organization dedicated to a more fair and equitable social and economic system. Most of our members reside in Clackamas County and were part of a local organization supporting Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for President. After the 2016 election, we realized that we wanted to continue building relationships with each other as we further the cause of justice.

We are the combined force of Willamette Falls for Bernie Sanders! and
Wilsonville for Bernie, reborn and renamed to reflect our new focus:
To harness the momentum gained by Bernie’s historic presidential run.
To elect revolutionary and radical progressive candidates.
To promote legislation which institutionalizes the people-benefiting ideals put forth by Bernie’s campaign.
We are DemExit, DemEnter, DemOccupy, and Transpartisan. We are Millennials to the “Silent” generation and everyone in between. Join us if you want to participate in systems change, structural reorganization, and direct action.
Remember: “Together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.”
– Bernie Sanders

What We Do

We understand that individually, it is hard to keep up with all the opportunities to take action on the issues we believe are so important. IPA offers a chance to learn about those activities in the company of similar, caring people and share worthwhile experiences. Some of our members are working within the Democratic Party to make sure it “walks its talk” regarding support for the disadvantaged. Other members are directing their energy to specific causes such as campaign reform, resistance to harsh immigration policies and/or standing up for racial justice. We have also begun screening candidates for local and state offices for possible endorsement. Our monthly meetings serve as a clearinghouse for sharing information on recent activities of our members and possible future actions we can all take part in.

Public education is another key part of what we do. This fall, we rolled out a film series designed to provide valuable information on important issues facing us today. After each screening of these documentary films, IPA facilitates a discussion with an invited expert on the film topic. These guests have provided valuable updates since the films were made and suggestions for what the audience can do to ensure solutions. For more information on the film series, CLICK HERE.

Our Mission

We are Progressive Activists and Servant Leaders promoting alliances and direct action for the Four Justices: Racial, Social, Economic, and Environmental. We identify, support, and provide education concerning progressive candidates, policies, and issues.


Co-Founder/Chair: Lisa Ortiz

Communications: Sherry Morisch



PREVIOUSLY: We meet once a month on the second Thursday at 6:30 pm at Round Table Pizza in West Linn.

Our Allies

Bernie PDX, Oregon and National Our Revolution affiliates, Portland Metro People’s Coalition and member organizations, Democratic Socialists of America (Clackamas county, Portland/MultCo, and Marion county)